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Artist, critic · MFA (Art Education), MA (Art History)

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I have a temporary storage and working space at Mylly's last premises in Puijonkatu 26, Kuopio. I am working until October mainly at courtyards and gardens, preparing future exhibitions and projects.

I'll travel in October to the drought-ridden South Africa for four weeks. CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) has invited me to work in art workshops for Apple Valley's youth and women in the town of Grabouw. I'll curate exhibitions to both Grabouw and Cape Town. I'll also guide homeless people in Cape Town in the city gardens of the Streetscapes project to take photos and organise a photo exhibition of their own.

Fierce weather incidents have tried both the nature and people around the world this summer. Drought is destroying food plants, wildfires, floods and storms are tormenting people. In relation to the theme of climate change I'll make an exploration and photography journey to the Sutherland Observatory and the Karoo semi-desert.

Yields from the journey will be present in my exhibition Harvest and Smoke Sauna in the Ars Libera 60 exhibition series in 15-25 November. Downstairs I'll construct a variation of the Smoke Sauna video installation.